Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Dreaming of a White...Easter?

Yep, you guessed it...we had a white Easter a very white and stormy Easter! And all I can really say about it is, WOW! The only thing that gives me hope that it actually might be spring is the ocean across the street is no longer frozen. My little seedlings say it's spring, but I am concerned they are ahead of the seasons. I suppose spring is bitter sweet anyhow, because once the weather really does clear I have more work to do than humanly possible.

Gabriel and I have come to many realizations recently: We knew it got cold here and that winter lasted a long time, but we never could have been prepared for living in it. It never occurred to us how difficult having no other family around would be. We never could have known the timing of the economy collapse and our international move. Just to name a few!

There are many things I can safely say we would change if we got a 'do over'. On the other hand we know that stepping out of the comfort zone even if only for a year or two is what we desperately needed. It sure is scary though, but it is building an even stronger faith within us, and I did not know that my faith could grow stronger or be tested as it has in the last 6 months. Our experience has been filled with signs from God and encouragement from God. We have had guardian angels and bountiful blessing that are too numerous to even explain. I am very eager to see how the next few years will play out. I wonder if our hearts will completely turn and we will no longer long for our California, a place we thought we hated. Or if we will be back there sooner than we could have ever imagined with new eyes and changed hearts and spirits. As of right now I feel this is temporary, but that God will not allow us to return home until he is sure the changes within us are 'for keeps'. We can not and will not go back to the life we had, we both want something more.

On to another serious topic: Our eldest son, Will, has a goal at his young age of 12 years he is determined to go to Yale University. We could not be more thrilled and nervous for him. Getting into Yale is like winning the Lottery, but then again so is immigrating to Canada. This little guy of ours, who now wears a larger shoe size than his dad, has to start working on this goal now. It is going to be interesting to see what he decides to do. Will he have enough drive to cut childhood short and pursue this goal, or will he settle for something less than his ultimate dream? Gabriel and I have no intention to push him in either direction. We simply told him if he wants it, now is the time to start working for it, but if he does not really want it he can become a doctor through a number of other schools. This child has wanted to be a doctor since he was 4 years old, it amazes me to think about that. My little guy that slept with books instead of teddy bears and is infatuated by anatomy and disease over any other subject. I guess we will all stay tuned to see what happens over the next 6 years...

The sun is out and the snow is starting to melt...life is good!

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