Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Two months Too long.

It's been nearly two months since tending to this blog...sorry! We have been on an emotional roller coaster. Immigration combined with a really hard winter was nothing we could have prepared for. We were sure we wanted to rush back to California only weeks ago, but something happened...something changed. Somehow in the frenzy of desperation to reattach to our former life, a calm came over us. We suddenly could see the life we wanted when we first set out on this journey. We realize we can not return home until we are strong in our new found selves.

Spring has brought great hope. Spring is so welcome. The rain has come and the snow is almost gone now and the water ways are thawing as spring trickles in to this place that is beyond the word beauty. There are more colors than can be counted, it looks unreal. It seems impossible that there is a place that everyday you long to capture in your memory the majesty of it's nature. The ice floats in the bay across from the house and the steam rises up from the melting snow. The birds are all flying home and the buds are peeking out on the apple trees. I walk on the lawn with the squishy sounds beneath my feet as the grass yawns before it's new year begins. I feel the presence of his spirit all around.

The Islanders have been very kind to us this winter: Helping Gabe out of sticky car in snow bank situations and plowing our driveway. This coming Tuesday I will make a huge social venture by going to my first Women's Institute meeting. The kids are adjusting splendidly and show no signs of Pacific longing lately. Gabe is doing well and on fire to write for the first time in years. It is wonderful to see him starting to romance the career that God gifted him with. He has a fellow American at work that he seems to have formed a brotherhood with. This poor fellow just like Gabe has the great misfortune of being in love with a woman that is drawn in by this Island, she has a better excuse being born here though! During winter I was very unsure of my longing for this place, a love affair that started about 20 years ago with no explanation, but as we settle in I know that we had to come even if only for a short while. This was part of our destiny. Here we are learning so much: About who we are, who we aspire to be, what we believe, what we want, appreciation, creativity, survival, kindness, judgement, immigration, global awareness, the human spirit and I could go on and on honestly. So no matter weather we are here for 1 year or 10 or 20...we will be better for it. We will have more to offer the world because of it.

We have seedlings started for our first green house garden. I will start actual outdoor garden seeds in a few weeks, because they can not go out until June. Despite my anxiety of growing veg in a new climate things are going as they do every spring. Hopefully my years of knowledge gained will work for me on this part of the venture. We are depending on that garden like never before. We are contemplating our barnyard flock who knows what new creatures will make their way into our life by summers end. Will needs chickens back in his life, he has never been without them. Maybe we'll raise our first pig...anything is possible. Winny is very excited to get her herb garden planted she takes great pride in her herb garden every year. Josophine has many flower seeds and many plans for her flower gardens. Sam as usual is obsessed with planting corn and sunflowers...every's corn and sunflowers. If he is not an actor he'll probably be a farmer I swear!


  1. inspiring, honest and poetic! i sound like a movie critic:) in any case, well put and love that your kids are master gardeners. i just picked up some soil and am able to use the compost i have been working on all year. love it!

  2. YAY! I'm so happy to see you post again, and so SO happy things are finally looking up for you. Keep growing, literally AND figuratively!